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Hey fellow creators!


So after a ton of requests here is the LUT pack that I use for all my videos on Youtube and Instagram! It contains 6 Cinematic LUTs that I use for my Cinematic edits and Travel films.


What is a LUT?

Think of it like a Preset for your video footage. You apply a LUT to one of your clips and the data inside that LUT immediately colour corrects your footage to give it a certain direction and after that you can tweak the adjustments to achieve the perfect look!


These will work in Premiere Pro CC, DaVincci Resolve, FCPX, AE. These also work in Photoshop CC for editing your photos.


Included LUTS :

Classic CineShades

Mumbai Vibes 

CineShades Teal and Orange

Warm Tones


CineShades B&W


How to use:


Thank you for your love and support!


* Please DO NOT download these from your mobile phone! Use a desktop or laptop computer!


(Please note: If you are using these with FCPX, they DO work, but you need to install a LUT Loader for FCPX to recognize them. You can download one free for FCPX here : - There is also a great plugin you can buy called colour finale that grades AND supports luts)


Have a fun time creating! Thank you


- Mohnish D (CineShades)

Mohnish's Premium LUTs Pack (Video Presets)

₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹300.00Sale Price
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