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This is the actual Media Kit I use to approach and get paid brand deals and collaborations. Not only that, the killer presentation will help you negotiate great rates.


A Media kit/Press Kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that has information about a person or company.


This Kit will act as a guide for you to create your own Media Kit. It has a format that is perfect for making a lasting impression on brands and clients.

I have cracked sponsorships from brands like Vivo India and Tourism Malaysia using this Kit.


You can download this Kit, open the PDF and edit it according to your details. Take my Kit as a guide and inspiration to make your own KIT. This will help you make a very good first impression on the brand you are approaching and they will immediately know that you are a Professional at what you do. Obviously your content has to be impressive as well and support the Media Kit.


Have a great day!

Good luck.

My MEDIA KIT I use to get Paid Brand Deals/Collaborations

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